James Aldrich CEO: Helping Children Build a Bright Future

Every year, hundreds of children in Texas are neglected and abused by the ones they trust most— their parents or legal guardians. When this happens they lose all hope and trust in authority figures.
James Aldrich, CEO, founded Children’s Hope Residential Services to give hope, confidence and a bright future back to these children who have suffered so much. Children’s Hope provides abused and neglected children placed with Child’s Protective Services the care and treatment they need to cope with their past and move forward toward a positive new beginning.

Since James Aldrich founded the nonprofit organization in 2000, Children’s Hope Residential Services has helped over 2,000 children across Texas overcome their trauma, as well as any related emotional and behavioral issues. Children’s Hope provides residential care, day treatment, foster care, and community-based aftercare services, depending on the child’s specific needs and circumstance. These services provide children with a safe, healthy and supportive environment.
The programs use a relationship-based model to help the children regain their trust of adults. This model allows them to develop trusting and enduring relationships with caregivers and mentors and shows that not all adult are like their abusers. Churches and community members may choose to become a mentor at Children’s Hope. Their one-on-one time with the children is very precious, as it shows them someone cares about them and helps them restore their confidence and trust in others.

To learn more about Children’s Hope, please visit www.childrenhp.org.


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