Children’s Hope Residential Services’ Day Treatment Program

Founded by James Aldrich, CEO, Children’s Hope Residential Services offers a variety of programs for children who experience emotional, behavioral, or mental health difficulties due to abuse or neglect. The Day Treatment Program is designed for children who do not require residential care but still need more care and attention than an outpatient service.

Children in this program participate in psycho education groups that teach stress management, coping skills, and drug education, as well as weekly equine-assisted psychotherapy groups, individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, and medical evaluations by a licensed psychiatrist. The Day Treatment Program is recommended prior to displacing a child from a foster home into Residential Care and vice versa, as well as for family members, foster families, and adoptive parents with children facing behavioral or emotional issues.

However, a parent or guardian doesn’t need to wait until there’s a problem to enroll a child in the program. The Day Treatment Program can be used a preventive measure or as a transition tool to help a child moving into a less restrictive environment, such as to a foster home, adopted home, or biological home.

Children’s Hope Residential Services’ Day Treatment Program is designed for children ages five to 17, though there are some exceptions. The children in the program may be experiencing a variety of issues, such as depression, suicidal ideation, verbal or physical aggression, running away, drug abuse, defiance, or behavioral and academic problems, and are not responding to conventional outpatient counseling. Prior to admittance in the program, the Children’s Hope Residential Services team can conduct an assessment to identify the type of treatment the child needs, such as day treatment, outpatient, acute hospitalization, or residential treatment. The program is covered by most insurance companies.

The goal of the Day Treatment Program is to promote success within the home, school, and the community. To learn more about Children’s Hope Residential Services’ Day Treatment Program and other services, please visit



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