Children’s Hope Residential Services CEO James Aldrich A Defender Of Children Everywhere

Every child’s needs are different. James Aldrich, CEO and founder of Children’s Hope Residential Services, knew this when he created the Texas-based non-profit in 2002. In the years since, the institution has helped more than 2,000 neglected and abused girls and boys who first fell under the care of Children’s Protective Services before coming to Children’s Hope Residential Services.

Under CEO James Aldrich’s guidance, Children’s Hope Residential Services offers a healthy learning environment while providing foster and residential care services to address emotional and behavioral issues. Therapy and other group sessions are also part of the curriculum to help better the lives of young people as they work toward self-empowerment. Further, some of the services offered extend help to foster families, adoptive parents and other family members.

Despite the best proactive efforts, children end up in the care of the state for a variety of reasons. Be it physical or sexual, children who are being abused by an adult in their life will be placed within a protective care system if no alternatives are available. Neglect, which can be defined by a lack of providing for basic needs, will also land a young person in the care of the state if an investigation reveals shortcomings or other dangers.

The death of a parent or placement by a guardian into the system are other ways young boys and girls can find themselves in protective services. Trouble with the law may require such a measure be taken; as can issues at school. Conversely, a child may need the services offered at institutions such as Children’s Hope Residential Services if a parent is incarcerated and the youth has nowhere else to go.

At Children’s Hope Residential Services, staff and volunteers will work in a safe and secure environment to help rebuild a child’s the trust of adults and authority figures.  For more information on James Aldrich, CEO and founder of Children’s Hope Residential Services, visit

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